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Chainsaws are the most useful tools that are using widely today. If it was not for these noise machines, we would have found cutting trees very difficult and that wouldn’t have done us any good at all. These machines are strong and need someone strong to operate them. When something is use for tough work, it requires special attention.

Chainsaws require proper care and one of the questions that you must have an answer to is when to replace chainsaw chain. Replacing the chain of the chainsaw is a crucial part of its maintenance and that is why one must keep track of how long the current chain has been in use.

When to Replace Chainsaw Chain?

When to Replace Chainsaw Chain


While operating, the chain moves at a high speed and hence produces a lot of friction. This obviously heats it up and also the chain wears out with time. It is for this reason that chainsaw chain needs to be replaced. If you are a regular user of a chainsaw, you must know when it is time to change the chain.

Some Occasions When it is Important to Replace The Chain:

  • The chain has to replace when you notice too many of the teeth on the chain have broken during use. This makes the chain less effective in what it is suppose to do and there is no other option other than replacing it.
  • The chain needs to be sharpen after every time that it is used. This sharpening means that the teeth will wear out and become smaller. When the teeth are too small to work properly, you must get a new chain.
  • During use, the rectangular cutters located in front of the teeth might also become smaller. Both the teeth and cutters can become small together because of regular sharpening. The small size of the cutters is the answer to the question when to replace chainsaw chain.
  • During the action, you will see that the chainsaw might need to  push into the wood to cut instead of the machine doing this on its own. Sometimes it might even bounce during cutting. This will tell you that it is time to change the chain

Chainsaw Bar Repair is Important?

Chain Saw Bar


It is not only the chain that needs to take care of but also the chainsaw bar that has to  keep in good shape to gain the maximum out of your use of the chainsaw. The bar does face many hard surfaces and obviously absorbs some effect. The bar has to  inspect for the type of damage that it has taken so that it the type of repair work needed can be determined.

Some Common Problems that We See:

  • Too much movement in the chain hints towards losing rails
  • Unusual wear and cracks maybe require the bar to replace
  • The bar might not be straight

Chainsaw bar repair hence includes making the rails work well so that the chain works well. Also, if your chainsaw has a sprocket nose bar, it might need greasing while rails might need to  ridden of debris. If the bar is found to  bench, the solution is to simply make it straight again.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, one should understand how the chainsaw takes damage and needs the proper attention for it to perform its functions effectively. If you know when to replace chainsaw chain, half of your problems are solved.

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