Pocket Chainsaw VS Folding Saw | Which One You Should Buy!


Chainsaws are extremely useful tools for people living out in the woods, or whose occupation involve working outdoors hard terrains, forests etc. Chainsaws are also useful for you if you are an adventurist, a hiker, or a survivalist. While there are three main types of chainsaws – bow saw, folding saw and chain saw; it can be difficult to decide which one to buy or pack. A bow saw is not really handy to carry if you are a hiker or adventurists so fortunately for you the decision come to a simple Pocket Chainsaw VS Folding Saw comparison.

A Comparison Between Chainsaw VS Folding Saw

If you are new to outdoor settings or do not have much experience, this article will help you compare the pros and cons of a pocket chainsaw vs folding saw.

Pocket Chainsaw

pocket chainsaw vs folding saw


They use hand-power to work and can easily be folded and packed into a small case for carrying. Pocket chainsaws weight less than 2lbs usually making them extremely light weight. These are ideal for hikers, or people suffering from arthritis or if you have a limited budget.

Pros and cons of pocket chainsaw


  • Easy to pack and carry.
  • Small and flexible.
  • Available in different lengths.
  • Durable and ideal for long-term use.


  • Requires more effort.
  • Needs use of both hands so if you injure a hand, pocket chainsaw would be difficult to use.
  • Chain may break.

Folding Saw

pocket chainsaw vs folding saw


Folding saws are efficient and highly reliable. They are light weight and are ideal for straight edged tasks such as cutting joints.

Folding saws are ideal for woodworkers. Some folding saws come with a curved blade ideal for cutting limbs, while others have a straight edged blade for fine cutting and removing tendons.

Pros And Cons of Folding Saw


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to grip handle.
  • Less effort required.
  • Can be handled with one hand.
  • Easy to control.
  • Great for a backup option.


  • A bit heavier than the pocket chainsaw.
  • Needs space.

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Pocket Chainsaw VS Folding Saw Now Which Chainsaw is Best for you?

Deciding between a folding saw and a pocket chainsaw depends on your intended use and space you have. A folding saw is heavier than the pocket chainsaw and less flexible. However it is easier to use and can be used with one hand.

Best Pocket Chainsaws

Since there are many variations of the pocket chainsaw available in the market, make sure you do a thorough research before buying. Some of the best pocket chainsaws include:

  • the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36″;
  • the Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw; and
  • the Ultimate Survival Saber cut Saw 20

Final Verdict:

Finally, when making a comparison for pocket chainsaw vs folding saw, you need to define your needs. Based on those needs, you can compare the pros and cons of both types of chainsaws and make a decision about which chainsaw you can buy.

You must also consider the price, weight, material, quality, shape of teeth, and saw grip to make a final purchase decision. In the end, your experiences are your own and you might have to try out different chainsaws before you find one that you are comfortable to work with.

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