8 Important Things About How to Set Up a Tent Step By Step

Camping remains one of the most popular outdoor activities. To go camping, it’s usually necessary to have a tent. And this is what scares off a lot of new campers. Because to set up a camping tent can seem like a huge chore. But this isn’t the case at all. Like everything else, it just requires a bit of practice and some information on how to set up a tent step by step.

Before Set Up Camping Tent Know the Types of Tents First:

There are quite a lot of types of tents, but the question of how to assemble a tent tends to stay roughly the same for all. Still, it’s a good idea to know the most common types. These are:

Ridge Tent

The classically shaped tent that tapers to the top and can vary widely in size

Dome Tent

Quite common. Made from bending a flexible pole into a semi-circle and both ends attached to tape across the base. These tend to not very much in size they’re only stable when small.

Tunnel Tent

Not as common but vast for people that want more space since they structured by two poles along the width. However, there’s a loss of stability to go along with space

Breakdown of How to Set Up a Tent Step By Step

Find a Ground 

Find a flat bit of ground that has no stones or sharp objects. Stones or glass could rip the tent and this might let insects or rain in. It’s probably a good idea to lay down a cloth on the ground as well, for extra cushioning and protection.

Unpack the Tent

The tent comes with parts in groups, so it’s best to keep these together. Poles with poles, stakes with stakes; just so everything is easy to find later. This will make setting up a lot quicker than unpacking an item every time it’s needed.

Lay Out The Tent in Flat Ground Chosen

That might sound like an obvious step that could skipped in how to set up a tent step by step, but a lot of people try to set up and then move the tent after it mounted. It’s a lot easier to set it up in place.

Stake Down the Tent

Stake down the corners of the tent. It’s important to pull the floor of the tent so it stretched out and not wrinkled or you could trip on these in the dark. A mallet can use to hammer the stakes, and if there aren’t enough stakes, sharp sticks can utilize as well. Remember, you must need best tent stakes to ensure  your shelters are protected from the elements.

Connect the Tent Poles

These are usually color coded, so the wrong sections don’t get put together

Assemble the Frame

Some tents don’t have many poles for the frame, and some have lots to get the shape right. But whatever camping tent is being set up, it’ll need to have the tent pole put into sleeves or securing them in some other way, so the body of the tent is formed. This is probably going to take the most time since sliding the poles in can be slow work.

Raise the Tent

This will involve fixing the joints on the support poles, so they’re rigid. If the support poles don’t have joints, then lift the tent up part by part, and the poles should hold the frame correctly in place. Loose parts of the poles can secured further if needed.

Attach the Rain Fly

Tents aren’t waterproof, and the rain fly is like an extra canopy that can be clipped over the top of the tent that allows water to run off and not fall on the tent. This isn’t strictly necessary for the tent itself to stand up, but as rain showers can be quite unpredictable, it’s better to have it up than be struggling to put it in place in the middle of a downpour.You can learn more details on camping more camping topic

Final Verdict:

All in all the points listed above should give enough information to make setting up a camping tent easier. Once you know how to set up a tent step by step, it’s just a matter of following the steps. As said before, knowing how to assemble a tent is a matter of practice so trying the set up at home can save a lot of problems. A bit of practice coupled with this article should have you setting up tents and enjoy camping soon!

How to Set Up a Tent Step By Step

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