Learn How to Prune Tree Branches With Some Easy Steps

Pruning tree branches in the right time, in a right way, is as important as planting a tree at right time and the right way. There could be tons of reasons why you need to prune your trees. There are many unique tools and techniques available by which you can prune your trees effectively without creating any damage to the trees. So, in this blog, we will have a look into How to prune tree branches. Let’s jump into it.

Why You Need to Prune Your Tree Branches

Proper pruning of trees will give you a way more beautiful and safer tree for a long time. Talking about a long time, pruning of your tree will affect your tree in a long time cause it helps the tree to achieve more durability.

Before knowing how to trim a tree properly, it is also necessary to know why we need to trim the tree using so much energy and cost. Do remember that what you do to your tree in the beginning of the year will surely affect how it will grow in future time. It’s also worth mentioning that it will also affect the shape and the life span of the trees.

When to Prune Your Tree Branches

Now let’s talk about the most important thing in pruning your trees: time.  Though you may prune your tree branches any time in the season for removing the unnecessary parts of the trees, there are a couple of things that you should remember in selecting the pruning time for tree branches.

Most of the gardeners think that pruning trees in the dormant season are better. There are many reasons behind it.

Pruning during the dormant period minimizes sap loss and subsequent stress to the tree. It also minimizes the risk of fungus infection or insect infestation as both fungi and insects are likely to be in dormancy at the same time as the tree.

Finally, in the case of deciduous trees, pruning when the leaves are off will give you a better idea of how your pruning will affect the shape of the tree.

How to Prune Tree Branches With Some Easy Steps

Now let’s talk about the process we need to follow when we need to prune tree branches, many people take this step with negligence and ended up some messy or unhealthy tree grow up. So, for pruning the trees we need to follow three basic steps.

Cut No. 1: This is called the Notch cut. All you need to is to cut a small notch in the bottom of the limb. This must be 2-3 fetes away from the trunk and ¼ of the way through. This will help the bark from splitting while cutting the next cut.[/su_box]

Cut No. 2: This cut is also called the relief cut. This should locate just outside the notch. This removes the weight of the branch so that you can make your final cut without the branch splitting and falling.

Cut No. 3: This is the final cut and the really important one. Follow the slant of the branch collar. If you can’t fit your saw into the crotch at the right angle, then cut it from the bottom up.

It’s also important to know how to trim small tree branches. Though the rules for trimming small branches are almost same. Special care has to be taken at the time of trimming small tree branches.

Make sure you identify which branches are necessary and which are not for the trees.  To trim small tree branches it also worth mentioning that dead parts of the trees are needed to be trimmed.

Tools You May Use:

There are many modern, easy and fun tools which you may use to prune your tree branches . some of the tools you may use are

Rope Saws: You may use this tool if you want to prune your trees standing on the ground. This is one of the safest tools you may come across.

Folding Pruner: It’s a unique fold-able pruning saw that can be used to any extension pole to reach out more distance.Or you may wonder about which is the best saw for cutting tree branches.Chain saw are one of the best saws for cutting tree branches.

Final Verdict

When you are finished how to prune tree branches, then do it yourself. Make sure you keep your tools safe and sound in the room, you may need them in the future time or very next time soon. After everything, remember one simple rule: SAFETY FIRST.

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