How To Clean Brake Caliper By Caliper Grease

A brake caliper is the part of a motor brake that holds the brake pads and houses the pistons in the brake. How to clean brake caliper, would need frequent cleaning to ensure that they are free from any noise that they may produce during its functioning. It also leads to increased braking distance since the disc cannot work effectively. Caliper Grease helps you for work your brake smoothly.


Tools that Would be Helpful

The process of cleaning brake calipers would require some tools that would make the process to be successful. One needs a wire brush that would be used to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated on the calipers. It also removes the rusting found on the caliper to make it rust free. A car jack for lifting the car to access the calipers. A can of lubricant is necessary for the process of cleaning the brake caliper to lubricate the metal to metal contacts and silicone would be used for the rubber to metal contacts. An air nozzle and pressurized air are needed to blow off the dirt that would be brushed off the caliper. Vacuum caps would also be necessary

Procedure on how to clean brake caliper:-

Cleaning brake caliper is an easy job that could take one less than an hour to clean all the calipers. All you need are the gears and the technical know-how on ways to clean the caliper.

Remove the road wheels:-

The first procedure is to get off the road wheels from the vehicle. Loosen all the wheel bolts then jack up the car to remove the road wheels. Use the wheel jack to hoist the car up and chock the wheels that are not being serviced.

Remove the caliper from the wheel bracket:-

Using a wrench one can loosen the caliper bolts to ease its removal. Loosen the brake lining and unscrew it partially. Place a bowl under the caliper to trap any brake fluid. Remove the spring clip of the caliper by use of a screwdriver. Remove the caliper from the rotor. Plug the linings using the vacuum caps.

Cleaning the caliper:-

Using the wire brush, scrub off any visible dirt that may be accumulating on the caliper. Use pressurized air to blow off the dirt from the caliper and any remaining dirt wipe it off with a piece of cloth. The pistons may be checked for leakages and would be restored to ensure that they are fully functional.


Push the pistons in so that it would be easier to restore the brake pads and refit it on the hub without a lot of struggle. The bolts should be greased and restored to their positions on the hub to secure the caliper well on the car. The linings should be fixed well to prevent leakages. The wheels are restored back on the hub, fastened and the vehicle lowered to the ground. Therefore, this is just a simple procedure on how to clean brake calipers.

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