8 Important Factors About How Do You Sharpen a Chainsaw

Is your chainsaw unable to chirp out the wood effectively? Is it jamming its way through the wood?

A chainsaw, if its blades not kept sharp, can result in a severe injury or even death. Well, let’s put an end to the worries as we are here to give you some lessons and tips about How do you sharpen a chainsaw for a smooth and swift cutting experience. Not only it saves your time, but it also increases the overall life of your chainsaw. You’ll be needing a chainsaw file, file gauge, leather gloves, saw bar and good cleaning solution and rags.

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Here are Some Easy Steps How Do You Sharpen a Chainsaw

Determine The Gauge:

First, determine the gauge of your chain. Depending on the gauge, you need to buy a rotatory grind stone, or a chain saw file.

Use Cleaning Tools:

Get rid of any dirt and unwanted elements on your saw chain using a safe cleaning solution/detergent.

Look Out for The Damages:

Now, look out for the damages and worn teeth. If the teeth are broken or if there are excessive wear and tear, you need to change the chain.

Clamp it in a Vice:

After inspecting the damages, put the machine on a robust and stable surface and clamp it in a vice. To ensure safe and accurate filing, clamp the bar as it will allow the chain to move freely and will maintain stability.

Locate the Shortest Teeth:

Locate the shortest teeth on the chain and set it as your initial point. If the teeth seem to be of the same length, start anywhere. File each tooth perfectly so that the flat surface on top of each teeth becomes of equal length. It will help in a smooth transition to wood.

Angle of the Chain:

It is the extremely important angle of the chain while filing is homogeneous. You can check the specifications of your saw to know the correct angle. Some teeth have edge markings on them. Most of the manufacturers recommend an angle of 30 degrees for a smooth cutting experience.

Use a Curling Motion:

Using a curling motion, slide the file swiftly and get rid of excessive metal chips. It will give your saw a smooth cutting teeth and surface.

Oil Your Blade:

After completing the filing, oil your blade and apply grease wherever applicable.

Viola, now you are well trained to keep your chainsaw blades sharpened. Practice the method till you become a perfectionist.

Time Saving Tip:

You can save your time and energy by using a rotatory file to sharpen your chainsaw blade. It is an efficient tool for sharpening, and it requires less effort as compared to the manual file method.


  • Ensure to file in a correct angle.
  • Use good quality files.
  • Do not use strong cleaning agents to clean the blade as it can damage other components.
  • Use a caliper to measure the teeth efficiently.
  • If using a rotatory file, put on a helmet to avoid injuries.

Some Good Brands of Chainsaw Files:

  • Oregon.
  • Stihl.
  • Baileys.


  • Please use proper safety equipment when sharpening your tools.
  • Keep the tools out of reach of children.
  • Keep the first aid box handy.
  • Make sure the power of your chainsaw is turned off.

Final Verdict:

After finishing all tasks now you might know how do you sharpen a chainsaw. But be aware of using safety equipment at the time of sharpening the chainsaw. And try to keep your chainsaw always clean after using then it will be sharp for a long time. And also when you notice that too many of the teeth on the chain have broken during use try to replace chainsaw chain.

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