Top 7 Best Wall Tent To Make Your Camping More Exciting!

Planning for a family camping or outdoor with friends? I know you are searching the best wall tent on the internet that suits to your camping. And you are tired of reading so many product reviews but yet to get your ones.

I also faced such kind of difficulties while buying the wall tent for my first solo camping. I spent lots of hours finding my best ones. Today I am gonna share my research findings with you that will surely help you in finding your ones. After a lot of hardworking, finally, I found the best of the best wall tents that are described below.

Here you can see wall tents of different sizes with exotic features each of which is easy to set, possesses a proper ventilation system, and protects you from any kind of weather. So let’s have a look at the wall tent reviews that are going to make your next camping more exciting.

Top 7 Best Wall Tent in 2018

#1 Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Explore your next outdoor with the latest core equipment which you can set up within some seconds! This 9 people instant cabinet has cire H20 Block Technology that combines water repellent fabrics with activated bead technology for faster water runoff paired with sealed seams and water resistant door.

​​Detachable room divider, well ventilation, storage pockets, removable rain-fly. Many more feature! Make your summer vacations at open-air festivals with Core Instant Cabin Tent

Mentionable Features at a glance:

  • Product Dimension: 48×11×10.5inches
  • Weight: 35.1 pounds
  • Instant Setup
  • Fits two queen mattress
  • The electrical coral access port
  • Freestanding

What We like:

  • Fast setup within a few seconds
  • Well ventilation with huge windows
  • High ceiling to stand up easily
  • Huge floor size with 14× 9 ft(4.26 ×2.74 m)
  • Core H20 Block Technology
  • Ability to vent the damp water
  • Lightweight
  • Several mesh pockets on the wall
  • Incredibly affordable tent with an amazing design

What Could be better:

  • Would have nice if it had a power cable hole

#2 Colemon 4 person Instant Cabin

Enjoy the adventurous moments with black or brown colored Colemon Instant cabin. This is one of the best wall tent because of Its Dark Room Technology that blocks 90% of the sunlight and reduces hit intent.

Also, it has weather Tec-system patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out. Four huge windows, easy to carry, pocket inside: A great tent indeed.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 38×18×9.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • 150D/150D polyester/taped seams
  • It measures 8 by 7 feet footprint
  • Pre-assembled poles made of steel
  • Contained illumine reflective guy lines
  • Weather Tech System with patented welded floors and inverted seams
  • Integrated vented rainfly
  • Measures 8×7 feet with 4 foot 11'inch center height

What We like:

  • Instant Setup
  • Darkroom technology keeps the room away from heat
  • Great interior space
  • Has a built-in vented rainfly for extra weather protection
  • On the rainy days, stay dry with a tube-like floor with patented corner wields
  • Goes back in the bag very easily
  • Pre-attached poles
  • Large awnings and three large internal windows that assist in free airflow

What Could Be Better:

  • Only one door for entrance and exit

#3 Colemon Weather Master 10 person Outdoor Tent

With enough room to fit three queen size air beds, the Colemon Weather Master 10 person tents feel more like a house. The backpacking tent is designed with weather Tec system that features patented welded floors and inverted seams to ensure that you keep dry if it rains.

Variflo adjustable ventilation system, two big rooms, two doors,(hinged front door), quick set up, leakage free seams-A great combination.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 30.3×10.2×10.2 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Could be assembled 3 Queen Size air beds
  • One hinged door is standard along with a second zippered door
  • Two small zippered opening, one for accessing your cooler and another one is to bring in an electrical cord
  • 6 feet 8 inches headroom
  • Measures 17×9 feet with 6 foot 8-inch center height

What We Like:

  • Hinged front door for easy entry and a room divider for privacy
  • Instant set up with color-coded poles
  • Variflo adjustable ventilation and reversed angled windows
  • Stable and robus

What Could Be Better:

  • Tent wall is not completely zeep closed
Learn How To Set Up a Tent Step By Step

#4 Kodiak Canvas Flew Bow -Deluxe 8 Person Tent

Whether you are going to camp with family or elk camp with your hunting buddies, this Kodiak canvas tents for camping is suited for all seasons.It is made with premium grade, Hydra shield, 100% cotton duck canvas.

The tight weave and silicone finish make the canvas watertight but yet breathable. The flex-bow frame has tempered, spring steel rods that keep the tent and robust 1-inch steel tube poles. The moisture-resistant canvas can prevent heavy rains without leakage. Easy to set up, roomy interior, high ceiling, proper ventilation, handy strap-and clinch storage bag: Surely you gonna love this

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 50× 14.2 × 11.1 inches
  • Weight: 84.6 pounds
  • Large 84×78 inch awning
  • Hydra shield materials and full cotton canvas
  • Watertight and breathable
  • Flex-Bow frame: Exceptionally sturdy
  • Spacious 6'6" ceiling height provides walking comfort
  • Customizable gear loft and organizer pockets
  • Heavy duty 12-inch, steel rod, stakes
  • Handy strap
  • There are Two large D shaped doors included

What We like:

  • Spacious High with 6' 6"
  • Airflow and temperature management with 2- funnel flow vents
  • Easy one person set up
  • Exceptionally sturdy Flex-Bow frame
  • A customizable gear loft and organizer system offering plenty of places
  • It can cover entry because of its large awning shades

What Could Be Better

  • It is heavy in weight

#5 Browning Camping Big Horn Two Room Tent

Tired of bringing too many tents for housing the whole family? The Big Horn tent by Browning Camping is spacious enough for your entire family!

It is mainly designed to protect you from all kinds of weather. The 150D oxford floors which are about twice the weight of normal nylon floor material will greatly increase the durability of the tent. The fly and floor seams are factories sealed to give you the best weather protection. Mesh storage pockets, steel stakes, guy ropes are included in this tent.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 120× 180× 87 inches
  • Weight: 34.6 pounds
  • Outstanding design with fiberglass poles.
  • Easy set up with unique hub design
  • 150D polyester fly resists Uv damage and stays taut
  • Weather Protection System
  • Can be assembled easily and quickly with clip pole
  • For maximum protection and adjustability comes with weatherproof fly buckles
  • Some important stuff like guy ropes, steel stakes and storage pockets are included
  • Big Horn floor saver available

What We Like:

  • Easy setup with unique hub design
  • Plenty of room with lots of ventilation
  • Centre Divider has a zipper if you are looking for more privacy
  • Extra wall tent height

What Could Be Better:

  • Little built-in storage space

#6 Standing Room Tent

The standing room hanging is the best family cabin and excellent shelter. The Fast up Standing Room tent is really amazing with vertical walls that most people can stand straight up in. If you are tall and want a headroom, this tent suits you best with 8 feet in height at the center and the vertical wall allow the use of the floor space.

The tent and the gazebo corner separately and nearly any 10'×10' (straight leg) canopy with s support for the tent. It comes with a fully waterproof fabric ceiling guaranteed to stay dry; that is covered and sheltered from rain and sun by the gazebo. You surely gonna love this!

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 26×9×9 inches
  • Weight: 9.05 pounds
  • Extremely waterproof Fabric Ceiling
  • Designed floors 10×10 straight leg canopies and features of 8.5 feet of headroom
  • Two separate big doors with 2 giant windows
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What We Like:

  • Very large cabin area with large entryways
  • Water resistant attachable floor
  • Super simple to set up
  • High ceiling headroom
  • Light in weight

What Could Be Better:

  • It does not include stakes
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#7 Colemon Prairie Breeze 9 person Cabin Tent

Make your outdoor more exciting with Colemon Prairie Breeze 9 person cabin tent. This amazing tent provides spacious, comfortable wilderness residence. This tent's welded seams are waterproof and the main is factory sealed to protect from weather conditions

It also has an LED fan system to maintain a pleasant feeling inside the tent.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Product Dimension: 168× 120× 84 inches
  • 14 L ft. × 1pW ft. and 7 ft. center height
  • Item Weight: 36.1 pounds
  • Mainly seams are factory sealed and seams are welded to protect from any kind of weather
  • Comfortable sleep with 9 people
  • Batteries not included

What We Like:

  • High-quality material
  • Tall and plenty of rooms
  • Bright LED ceiling lighted fan system maintains a comfortable environment
  • Proper ventilation with huge windows
  • Easy set up with enough storage

What Could Be Better:

  • May not be stable for strong gust if you open windows only one side

Things We Consider to Make Our Wall Tent Reviews

When you are about to purchase a wall tent, there are many options to consider.

Ease of setting up:

Suppose, you have gone in a solo camping or maybe it is a family camping, you face difficulties in setting up the tent for quite a long time. Then it creates disturbance in your preplanned amazing camping. So make sure that your tent can be set up easily by yourself. By saving the time of your set up, you can explore the outdoor camping more.

Proper Ventilation:

Make sure that your next purchased wall tent has a lot of windows, doors, the ceiling for proper ventilation to enjoy the gentle breeze and obviously there will be netting system to keep you away from bugs


It protects the tent against weather and dirt and also prevents sparks from stove pipe from burning pin holes in the tent.

Weather Resistant:

While camping, there may occur sudden rain, thunderstorm or even extreme hot weather. So choosing a tent that can withstand harsh weather just makes sense. You should consider a tent with this type of protection as it is going to give you a better experience if the weather takes a turn towards the ugly.

Comfort Levels:

This is an important step in finding the perfect camping. Wall tents can be of a variety of styles, sizes. You have to choose the wall tent that is easy to use, easy to carry in bags, high ceiling to stand up easily and comfortable while waking.

Other Considerations:
  • You have to examine the zippers on any tent you are considering (for example heavy YKK zippers and Velcro in window flaps to keep out the cold wind)
  • You also have to take into consideration the quality of the stakes included in your tent.
  • You have to consider about the warranty level of the tent for the protection of your tent investment.
  • Don’t forget to check the sleeping capacity while buying the tent.
  • Make sure that, before leaving for the camp, you set up in the yard. And also make sure that you understand the limitations and purpose before buying.

Final Verdict:

When you are in camping, your wall tent serves as home more than a tent. So you have to choose the wall tent with having an easy setup, proper ventilation system, weather resistant, easy carrying. To order your best wall tent, I highly recommend using the above-described wall tents as I am sure it will successfully fulfill your requirements and will be a great tent investment indeed. So why are you waiting for? Grab your ones for the next outdoor. Well, I have to leave now. Let me know your buying experience. Happy Camping!

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