Uncover The Best Hand Priming Tool For Reloading ( Reviews of 2019)

Here is a great review on best hand priming tool! We bet it’s going to save your time and energy a lot.

A hand priming tool is very useful no doubt. You can reload your gun shell casings with it. What a priming tool does is, it primes a casing. So by priming a casing with a primer seating tool you prepare it for firing – a small charge of gunpowder is seated into the base of the projectile. The casing’s caliber is vital. Because how you prime a casing, it all depends on its quality.

Such tools give you additional benefits to your reloading setup. You’ll find more flexibility in your loading process. Your cases will be primed much easily!

Be sure that priming your casing on a hand tool would be much better than priming on the press. It is because the first has been made only to do so! Leave priming on the press which is difficult and clunky and get efficiency by using a hand priming tool.

​Which Are Best Hand The Best Hand Priming Tool in 2019?

#1. RCBS Hand Priming Tool 90201 Universal

With no confusion about quality, this tool is a great one! RCBS is a name of fame to your gunsmiths – always offering 21st century priming tool and accessories that are unmatched.

Users of rcbs universal hand priming tool 90201 are highly impressed. They can hardly imagine any other brand now. The feeling will be great because it is easy to seat and comfortable to switch over between sizes, especially comparing to breaking down a press. What makes the loading process much faster and easier is, you have primed brass ready to load. RCBS 90201 Universal Hand Priming Tool is the choice of many it works with the least hassle.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Ribs product
  • Priming accessories and tools
  • Patented safety gate
  • The Universal Shell holder that accepts cases from .32 ACP to .45-70 Government
  • Removable primer tray.


  • You do not require any shell holders
  • Brass insertion is easy
  • No-jam’ of the primers at the ram.
  • When you clear primers from the ram area.(i.e when you tilt the tray back, it does not cause primers to flip over.


  • As it has a universal shell holder, the removing process is slower than other models.

#2. RCBS 90200 Hand Priming Tool

This is one of the best hand priming tool from RCBS’s. This one has a safety gate and it separates the primer, which is being seated from the primer supply. It reduces the risk of tray detonation. This model has many unique features. All your shell holders could be reused with this model as it uses the same shell holders as many RCBS reloading presses. You have to purchase each shareholder separately, in case you are not working with an RCBS press. RCBS 90200 is majorly made of cast metal. This is a very durable material and as a result, this best priming tool can be used for years.

Users have an experience of ruining many primers with this tool when they start using it. Reducing the number of destroying primers is possible by discovering your own way of the tool’s use – every customer found their way and they’re very happy with it! A bit patient is required at the onset of this primer’s use.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • RCBS Product
  • Priming accessories & tools
  • Uses same RCBS shell holders (post-1980) as RCBS presses


  • Quick and safe seating of primers; includes small and large primer plugs
  • Eliminates the possibility of tray detonation, because the safety mechanism separates the seating operation from the primer supply
  • Ready for portable primer seating that fits in your hand
  • Needs no contact with the primers for primer tray installation


  • No shell holders included

#3. LEE PRECISION 90700, Auto Bench Priming Tool

Looking for a perfect ergonomic best bench priming tool? LEE PRECISION 90700, Auto Bench Priming Tool is it. Although you restrict yourself to a reloading bench, the benefit of additional ergonomics does allow you to prime many rounds comfortably with this tool! People who get tired of loading a few rounds soon with their priming tool should consider a bench mount priming tool as LEE PRECISION 90700.

The clear plastic, which is actually made of a hard polyester material, parts of this tool allows you to see its functionality and use from the starting till the end. With LEE PRECISION 90700, you get the right amount of mechanical benefit just by using finger pressure and painlessly seating the most difficult primers. The primer includes assemblies for both large and small primers.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • All brand primer box acceptable triangular tray
  • Ergonomic design
  • Small and large primer trays


  • A very ergonomic priming tool
  • The clear plastic body part allows tracking priming progress
  • Affordable price


  • Requires bench to mount

#4. RCBS 9460 Auto Priming Tool

If you’re looking for an excellent portable auto priming tool, get RCBS’s 9460 that works perfect and is highly efficient. This forster bench priming tool reloads fast and accurately. With RCBS 9460 Auto Priming Tool, the feeling of deeply seating is great according to seasonal reloaders. This lightweight priming tool is rod-assembled and features two feed tubes.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • RCBS manufactured 9460 auto priming tool
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Metallic
  • Stage lever system
  • Two primer rod assemblies and two primer feed tubes are included


  • A quality assured US made priming tool
  • Lever system is single-stage; therefore precise and fast
  • User-friendly portable design
  • Perfect feed for all shell types
  • The primers hold up to 100 primers


  • It’s a bit pricey

#5. RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit is mechanically an awesome hand primer. It is a popular hand priming tool for being consistent and accurate.

If you’re looking to reload easily and with precision is a quality ammo loader. With an updated case loading block, an accessory handle it has a deburring tool. It’s a great hand priming tool that includes reloading scale, hex key set, powder funnel, set lube kit to reloading manual. The high price is logical for its enhanced durability.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • Rock Chucker Supreme Press
  • M500 Mechanical Scale
  • Powder Measure is Uniflow
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • .17-.60 Debur Tool
  • Hex Key Set
  • Case Lube Kit
  • Powder Funnel


  • A durable product
  • Robust built
  • Allows easy loading of latest longer cartridge designs
  • Two-poise design that lets you weigh up to 505 grains with +/-0.1-grain accuracy
  • Safety mechanism reduces the risk of tray detonation


  • A bit expensive

#6 Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool with Case for Reloading

Easily seat primers from anywhere! Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer does it. It’s featured with a dial that sets the seating depth. To ensure that the primer doesn’t seat deeper than you desire, you have a hard stop.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer comes with 12 shell holders. This cover 652 calibers. There’s a primer tray that holds 100 small or large primers. Also includes a heavy-duty injection molded storage case.

  • 12 shell holders that cover the most popular cases
  • Self-righting primer tray holds 100+ primers
  • Accepts both small and large primers; moreover, it includes 3 extra posts that allows storing custom or rare collets in the same place
  • Has an adjustable seating system
  • Die-cast zinc constructed with internal components of steel


  • Quite durable because of its die-cast zinc construction
  • Innovative with adjustable seating system
  • East at a thumb’s release


  • The shell holder card reference does not include 6.5 Grendel

#7. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Deprimer Tool for Standard Primer Removal for Reloading

Want a hand primer made of robust die cast aluminum? It is the Frankfort Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Primer. The grip is so much ergonomic that you would be fascinated! It features a patented Universal Collet System. Follow four easy steps to deprime your spent brass using the hand. There’s no requirement of setting up your press and reset your dies for a few cases. Best is, this is a system that is fully contained; it also captures the spent primers in a collection tube which you can dump later.

Mentionable Features At a Glance:

  • The Universal Collet System is patented and deprimes brass from .20 cal up to .338 Lapua
  • Has an easily detachable spent primer catch tube
  • Has an assisted-ejection case holder that eases removal of deprimed cases.
  • Spring loaded handle
  • Range from .20 caliber to .338 caliber


  • A priming tool that works with pistol/rifle brass & all other military crimped primers
  • Very quality depriming without hand fatigue
  • Its spring loaded handle automatically returns to the start positio
  • Ergonomic design, very sturdy and durable


  • Works only with boxer primers

Maintenance Tips For Best Hand Priming Tools:

Hand priming tools are mechanical tools. The more you properly maintain a routine care, the more it would provide smoother operation and a longer life. Clean the primer tray on a regular basis. Also, clean the other parts to prevent it from dust and any residue. It’s wise to lubricate the handle and body pins; use a drop of light grade machine oil to do it; such cleaning depends on the tool’s use. Remember to lubricate the tool using light grease, overuse of oil and grease can cause danger by misfiring.

Things We Considered to Make Our Hand Priming Tool Review

There are 3 fundamental factors to look for when you choose a priming tool whether its a bench priming tool or hand priming tool.


We put safety ahead all. Because the loading process is a risky process no doubt. Powerful and unstable explosives are always quite risky to handle. Any wrong move can cause a primer detonation. It’s a good news that these modern hand primers have additional safety measures. Do look for a hand priming tool which separates the priming operation from the primer tray.


​This is a very important factor to consider. Collins dictionary has defined ergonomics as “Ergonomics is the study of how equipment and furniture can be arranged in order that people can do work or other activities more efficiently and comfortably.” Keeping this in mind, you need to see how much ergonomics does the primer tool promise. Choose something that gives you the maximum comfort. Users are clearly talking about it. Long press stroke will put you into difficulty so choose something that works in a press of the thumb. Many people like non-portable priming tools that you need to mount to a bench and that relieve you from applying hand strength.


The quality and ergonomics make the price differences among various priming tools. Many good priming tools are below $100 dollars, but it can cross this amount as well. You should, of course, consider your affordability but it is important to consider how much comfortable would it be for you. It is not difficult to get something in your budget even if you look for the popular brands.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: Will my hand priming tool accept any shell-holder?

A: It depends. Only in case that the primer has a universal shell holder, the answer is yes. Otherwise, you will have to use the shell-holders specific to the tool’s brand.

Q. What is the advantage using a hand primer rather than doing it on the press?

You get a better feel and it’s much quicker; no need of a reloading bench to prime.

Q: What can I do to keep myself risk-free from crushing primers?

Certain models are there which offers the desired seating depth. This saves the primers from getting crushed.

Q: Is possible that on my reloading press I use the same shell holder?

If the press and hand primer band are the same that should be possible. The same shell-holder should be possible to be used.


So you’ve already read out carefully our hand priming tool review? Remember, a hand priming tool is the best way for you to make your reloading easy and comfortable. You’ve already got the idea which the best hand priming tool and what are their special features. If you’re serious about a quality product we suggest pay a bit more – choose any of the pricy tools without any hesitation.

Moreover, all these products are from popular brands which also provides excellent customer services. You won’t regret the decision and your money will be rightly spent!

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